Whilst in London Visit the Great Moscow State Circus

On your visit to London this Autumn the Moscow state circus is in Clapham Common from October 26 – 31 for the London leg of the tour. The Great Moscow State Circus was opened 30 April 1971 which originally performed in Moscow located at the Vernadsky Prospekt, which can seat up to 3,400 people and the height of the amphitheatre is 36 metres. Performances are held each day in the afternoon and evening. The circus has 5 arenas (equestrian, water, illusionist, ice-rink and light effect), located 18 metres below the floor, which can be swapped during the performance.Serviced City Pads reservations team on 0844 335 8866.
Initially the circus building was merely a performance venue. In early 1990’s its own company was formed. It is headed by Leonid Kostyuk, a former circus artist and euilibrist. The former organiser of the circuses in Soviet Russia was Soyuz Gost-Cirk (loosely translated as Russian People’s Circus). Under the Soviet Regime, there were over 70 circus buildings in the Soviet states, as well as a specialist training school system. Thousands of performers worked for the circus organisation. They were all State employees;salaries were no that high in comparison to the West, but employment was secure, and equipment, costumes, travel and accommodation were all provided, as well as a pension upon retirement.Serviced City Pads supply apartments throughout London.
The present company employs several hundred and tours as the ‘Great Moscow State Circus’. The Moscow State Circus is a state owned enterprise. The circus organisation was threatened by the dismantling of the SovieT Union, and by some performers inclination to seek better-pad foreign contracts. In June 2007, an attempt to privatise the building was initiated, strongly opposed by company director Leonid Kostyuk, among many others. Evetually President Vladimir Putin eliminated the building from the short list of state properties to be privatised.

The same name has been used for tours and circus companies selected from Russian resources to appear in the West. The first tour was in 1956, when the Moscow State Circus amazed audiences in Paris and on London. The title now owned and used in the UK by a touring circus owned and run by the Entertainment Coporation. The promotion of the Moscow State Circus started in 1995, taking advantage for the first time of the newly post-Soviet freedom of individual artistes to agree terms and travel abroad. The current circus production consists of a cast of twenty-five performers, including clowns, trapeze artisits, aerial acrobats, jugglers and contortionists. Serviced City Pads supply London Accommodation.Moscow State Circus tickets are now available as the illustrious circus comes to London for the short stay at Clapham Common. With a reputation as one of the finest circus shows in the world, the Moscow State Circus features an array of top class acts and performances that are sure to wow audiences.

Those lucky enough to get there hands on Moscow State Circus tickets will be able to see a feast of top acts, inlcuding the Russian swing, the Edwardian Mystic, Astronov the legendary human cannon ball, Oleysa’s walk on the solo trapeze and Gaucho’s Perfection the Time Show. Serviced City Pads.