Why A Serviced Apartment Is Better Than A Hotel When In Manchester

If there is one thing you cannot bring with you whilst traveling is the comfort of a home. The hotel industry recognizes this problem so has sought a way to copy or at least try to replicate the comfort of a home for travelers.

Even so, this is often limited in a hotel room setting, thus the new industry of serviced apartments holds the answer.

Serviced apartments benefits in Manchester

It is obvious that serviced apartments surpass hotels when travelers opt for a long term trip in a single location. A key factor is cost. Travelers can save up to 30% on accommodation should they decide to utilize the comforts of a serviced apartments. This is because travelers have the liberty of doing they own laundry and cooking for themselves in the apartments instead of having to rely on the heavy laundry and hotel food or restaurant expenses.

Doing your own laundry and eating food you cook for yourself is more hygienic in any case. With a serviced apartment you get to experience a comfort closer to home than those provided by hotels as there are separate bedrooms, lounge, kitchen and bathrooms (much like the average home).

Furthermore, since they are fully furnished, you get to use their furniture and electronics such as that of broadband Internet, satellite TV, DVD player, computer, microwave and refrigerator.

Serviced apartments are close to public transport in Manchester making it easy to reach the city centre, art galleries, museums and music venues at your leisure. Some of which include the Chinese Art Theatre, Urbis and The Printworks Entertainment Complex.