Why Is Edinburgh A Popular Haunt For Tourists?

When people rent luxury serviced apartments in Edinburgh for a city break, one of the first places they head for is the historic Castle. Whilst they are there, they may well come face-to-face with some of the previous incumbents. The Witches Well is a good place to start…

Then again, the parts of Edinburgh you can’t see are just as interesting. Rent serviced apartments in Edinburgh near the Royal Exchange, and a whole hidden city lies beneath your feet. Mary King’s Close is just one attraction that draws thousands of tourists every year – some say Yvette Fielding’s screams can still be heard!

From mediaeval times until the 1800s an entire community lived beneath Edinburgh, driven underground by poverty and the Plague. In their time, the Vaults were home to murder victims, body snatchers, victims of the plague and starving children. Paranormal investigators and members of the public alike have heard anguished cries, felt cold little hands touch theirs and watched the ghostly apparition of “Mr Boots” drift across their line of vision.

TAPS, Most Haunted, Ghost Hunters International, The World’s most Terrifying…, these are just a few TV programs who have filmed in this city.

Invariably, they leave with plenty of material, because Edinburgh is one of the most haunted cities in the world. In fact, a major tourist industry has grown around it, with people booking into hotels in Edinburgh, guest houses and serviced apartments in Edinburgh’s most spooky districts, just so they can be frightened to death.

We at Serviced City Pads have accommodation near some of the spookiest places in Edinburgh. Our luxury serviced apartments in Edinburgh could well make this city your regular haunt.