Why Liverpool Serviced Pads Can Sometimes Be Cheaper Than A Hotel

By now it is known that serviced pads are bigger, more comfortable and can be more convenient than hotels. So they have become one of the most popular forms of accommodation that businessmen and people on holiday choose. With all these benefits, the one thing even better to learn is that serviced pads are cheaper than hotels by 25% to 30%. How is that possible?

Cost-effective serviced pads

With your choice of service pads one of the factors that will be considered is location. If the location is close to an area with public transport facilities then both money and time can be saved when traveling. This is often not possible if you are staying in a hotel because hotels are generally located in a remote place and would require car rental, which would add to expenses. Serviced apartments also have their own separate kitchen allowing the guests to prepare their own meals.

Hence, they need not dine in expensive restaurants or on expensive hotel food everyday. Both washing machines and tumble dryers are generally available in service pads allowing the guests to do their own laundry. This will allow them to save money by not having to rely on expensive laundry services.

Furthermore, guests may feel more comfortable in a serviced pad and would have no need to travel around in search of entertainment or ways to relax (since people may feel confined in hotels). Finally, services pads are flexible and allow many people to share an apartment and thus split the expenses leading to a more cost effective stay while away from home.