Why Opt For A Serviced Apartment?

Serviced apartments attract people from all walks of life and are suited to the needs of all travellers. Hotels have long held the market for accommodation away from home and they will always have their place, but serviced apartments have carved out a niche that has turned this type of accommodation into a thriving business.


Flexibility is the major attraction that draws people to serviced apartments. You are no longer bound to a hotel room, the specific services offered by the hotel with set meal times that you cannot miss or you will have to make do with room service.

You come and go as you please when you use a serviced apartment without disturbing anybody. You have a home from home as the apartment will come with a fully equipped kitchen, lounge, bathroom and number of bedrooms that gives you a homely feeling that most people prefer.

However long your stay is, whether it’s for a few days or weeks, you can plan your own schedule, have your meals when you want and eat whatever you feel like and at any time of the day or night.  This type of accommodation is eminently suited for business travellers as well as holidaymakers.

Today it is not unusual to find that business executives make use of serviced apartments if they regularly have to stay for extended periods of time in one of the big cities as they feel as comfortable as they would at home, especially if choosing an apartment with extra services. And the good news is that these apartments come at a far more economical rate than the average hotel costs.