Why You should Visit London’s Christmas Markets

It that time of year when you start to think about visiting central London to purchase all the families Christmas present, this year you should definitely make a special trip to London’s Christmas Market’s. I personally went along to see what was on offer at the markets so left my London apartment to explore what was on offer.
The Christmas market’s have been in London for a couple of years, nearly all of the traders have come over Germany, French, Belgian. Italy whose Christmas markets are legendary and the majority of the products originate from these countries. Some of the products on sale at the stalls are refreshments such as Gluhwein which consists of usually a cheap bottle of red wine, sugar, whole gloves, ground cinnamon and juices from 1 whole orange. I tried some on a cold winters night and it felt really warm and comforting however I didn’t indulge too much. Next stop was some food and what about a really tasty German Sausage in a finger bun with lots of Dijon mustard absolutely fantastic . I still had some room for something sweet so went through Dutch Pancake stand surprisingly manned by a lovely Belgian couple. I have a couple of pancakes with syrup and ice cream. If you wish to purchase food you can buy fine continental Dutch Cheeses, French Breads and Spanish Chirizo.
Once we’d had a drink and food we then went on to enjoy the may crafts stalls dotted around the markets, most of the stalls are open until 9.00pm in the evening so we had a thoroughly wonderful evening. We booked our stay in London in a London Serviced Apartment which has become a great alternative to a hotel.