Why your company should use Serviced City Pads

There are many reasons why your company should book corporate accommodation with Serviced City Pads.

We take the pain out of what can be a rather dull and time consuming process. We know that finding and booking corporate accommodation can be a drag for you. It takes valuable time out of your working day. We don’t care, because that’s what Serviced City Pads are here for. We will find and book all the accommodation that you need – whether it’s for yourself or your team – and our service to you is free. Using Serviced City Pads will save you hassle and time!  

Serviced City Pads are a professional, dynamic busines who are committed to delivering excellent service to our clients. We will act as your accommodation account manager, offering a one stop shop to fulfil all of the accommodation needs of your business across the UK.

Apart from the time saving aspect, we will also save your business money. Most businesses are still booking hotel rooms for their employees when they are working away from home. Serviced apartments – particularly when you consider that a 2 bedroom serviced apartment is usually around the same price as a hotel room, then the savings can be as a high as 50% v staying in a hotel.

There is no compromise when staying in a serviced apartment. You get much more space than the four walls of a hotel room and can also cook the food of your choice in a fully fitted modern kitchen. Eating in will also save the business a considerable amount of money over the lon term.

Of course, there is also the wellbeing of your employee. They will be able to relax and unwind much more in the spacious living area of a serviced apartment than a cramped hotel room. You can chillout and watch TV, and an apartment is more conducive to work in than a hotel. Workers will be more productive when they stay in a short stay corporate apartment.

We will reward you for every booking you make with us. Just click here to learn about how you will be rewarded for booking your accommodation. We value our customers loyalty. Joining the Serviced City Pads rewards club doesn’t cost anything and there are no obligations once you have joined. The more serviced apartments you book, the more points you will accumulate, and the more gift vouchers you will receive .