Will Manchester City forever stay in Manchester United shadow?

I was recently in a taxi after a business meeting in Manchester city centre. The driver happened to be a staunch Manchester United fan. He was sure that the rise and eventual dominance of Manchester City was nothing more than inevitable due to the club being bankrolled by the oil rich arabs from the UAE. It is a view shared by many, not just disgruntled anti Glazer campaigning Manchester cabbies. 

There is no doubt that Manchester is a city that is passionate about football. It is also fair to suggest that City have lived in the shadows of their illustrious neighbours from Old Trafford. While Alex Ferguson has been piling trophies high, Man City have spent years being relegated and then promoted to and from the English Premier League.

It may well be that the tide is turning. Manchester City are now buying top class players like there is no tomorrow. They are improving every year and it would be no surprise to see the club qualifying from for the European Champions League in 2011 and challenging for homours after that. Success is never guaranteed but the arabs will not tolerate failure.

The local economy of Manchester is fuelled by many foreign supporters of Manchester United FC who visit Manchester from Scandanavia, Ireland and Iceland to watch their team. Many of these visitors will spend the weekend in Manchester (beer is much cheaper in the UK than in Denmark!) and stay in Manchester serviced apartments or hotels in Manchester. The hotel room is a great option if you there are a couple of you and you can make a reservation for a twin bedroom. The serviced apartment in Manchester city centre option offers something slightly different, something that a hotel room can’t; and that is all about accommodating a group of 6,7 or even 8 people who are visiting manchester together and want to stay togeher in the same apartment. Staying in a serviced apartment option mean that the group will be able to socialise and relax together as a group in a spacious living room, cook a meal together and watch tv together. This relaxing atmosphere isn’t something that the formal surroundings of a hotel – even if it is a Budget hotel in Manchester – can offer.

A large group staying in a serviced apartment in Manchester city centre will often find that they will also save money (per person) versus booking multiple hotel rooms. A group of 6 will have to book at least 3 rooms and who is to say that they will be next to eachother?

Anyway, with the emergence of manchester City as a force once again, we expect that more foreign Manchester City supporters will be looking to come and stay in manchester when their team plays at home – particularly supporters from the United Arab Emirates. We suggest that these visitors should consider staying in a short stay apartment and that one in the heart of Manchester city centre is the best option.

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