You Are Never Far From Small Luxury With A Serviced Apartment

More and more people are opting to stay in serviced apartments when travelling not only because they offer lower rates but also because they provide just as much luxury as hotels. Some people prefer the feeling of being at home opposed to staying in a hotel and although serviced pads involve self-catering, one has more freedom.

All apartments are clean and tidy, which is one of the features attracting accommodation seekers. They are usually in close proximity to the city centres and entertainment facilities. Luxuries such as magnificent views are offered as well as en suite bathrooms are on offer in some pads. The inviting and warm interior makes any stay not just cosy but also relaxing.

Quality apartments are selected which leave visitors with no plumbing worries or danger hazards. These serviced apartments are safe and have all furniture, equipment and appliances necessary to make your stay enjoyable.

Travelling With Family

One of the great features of serviced apartments is that they accommodate individual travellers as well as large families or big groups. Travelling with babies can be a nightmare on its own and not many hotels are baby friendly. Staying in a serviced pad allows mothers the luxury of being able to travel with baby and the space to put all baby items such as carrycots and prams.

With ample space that you receive from a serviced apartment and more rooms than hotels, when travelling, large families can stay together and do not have to be split up into separate accommodation.